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  • 5 groups of active participants

    RTE's mission is to ensureat all times that there is a balance between supply and demand of electricity. We do so by relying on the competences and the needs of the generators of electricity; the traders; the distributors; the industrial consumers and the railway industries.

  • Changes in gross annual electricity donsumtion between 2013 and 2014

  • The trend of electricity demand growth in Europe is slowing down

    Overall annual consumtption accross ENTSO-E went down by 1.5% between 2013 and 2014.This phenomenon can be explained by the combined effects of the economic crisis and energy efficiency measures being taken, but also by more pleasant temperatures over this period.

  • An interconnected Europe

    Every day, at every border, France imports and exports electricity. Due to their increasing demand, and their high levels of saturation, our cross-border links are subject to a large development plan.

  • Supported investments

    Thanks to the stability of our regulated model, we are continuing our supported investments policy. The aim is to strengthen, adapt and renew our network in order to facilitate energy transition, and to secure power supply whilst keeping the costs to our consumers and the community under control, as well as inserting the network into the environment in the best way possible.

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Thinking ahead to tomorrow's market

As part of the fight against global warming, the European Union has set itself ambitious targets for 2020.

Embody smart electricity: our R&D roadmap

RTE has set up an R&D roadmap for 2013-2016 to meet the major challenges faced by the French and European power system.

RTE: from past to present

From the date it was founded, RTE has been constantly developing a smart grid ...