Tunnel interconnexion France-Espagne
Tunnel interconnexion France-Espagne

Analyses, trends and perspectives

Energetic transition
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At a time when the energy transition is becoming crucial in the fight against climate change, public authorities and parties involved in the power system must be able to anticipate new challenges, behaviours and opportunities.

Its position as a key player in France’s power system gives RTE an unequalled vantage point from which to observe the system. In fact, the company gathers and processes numerous data items every second and is an acknowledged subject-matter expert when it comes to managing this data and to monitoring, analysing and anticipating changes in the power system. This enables it to provide accurate and reliable information to help the various players make the appropriate decisions. To this end, RTE applies three key principles: precision, co-construction and transparency.  

RTE places its expertise at the disposal of decision-makers (public authorities, players involved in the power system, institutions, etc.) by publishing documents that can be downloaded from this website: forecasts and trends; estimates and analyses.

Legislation requires RTE to issue forecasts as these are indispensable planning and monitoring tools for the public authorities. As far as estimates and analyses are concerned, RTE compiles them on the basis of the data it captures for purposes of transparency. They are also used in order to establish various assumptions for projected estimates.

All documents seeking to inform energy policies established by parties involved in the power system are intended not only for national and European audiences but are also transposed into regional guidance to assist regional authorities with the establishment of local energy policies.


Expert analysis on multiple time scales

RTE’s analyses of France’s power-consumption data apply to specific time scales as they are revised once a month. The outcomes of this work enable the company to highlight variant scenarios and consider the influence of several parameters. These different assumptions are included in projected estimates that are used to plan for the necessary grid upgrades.


Download and read

Find all the documents issued by RTE and made available to power-system stakeholders and the public. They are divided into two categories: summary reports and assessments; trends and perspectives.