Annual Electricity Reports

Annual Electricity Reports


2017 highlights


The generation mix continued to change, with the share of renewable capacity increasing while oil-fired power plants were shut down. Installed capacity was flat year-on-year, ending 2017 at 130,761 MW.

Electricity production decreased slightly in 2017 due to declines in nuclear (-1.3%) and especially hydropower output (-16.3%). Solar and wind power generation increased by 14.8% and 9.2%, respectively, relative to 2016.


Annual power consumption adjusted for weather impacts stabilised for the seventh year in a row in France, with total consumption (excluding the energy sector) reaching 475 TWh.

The rise in consumption by heavy industry (+3.5%) reflected the uptick in economic activity in that sector.


Significant imports during the cold spell of January 2017 caused the exchange balance to decline to 38 TWh, the lowest result on record since 2010. However, an increase in interconnection capacity allowed two new exchange records to be set: exports reached 17 GW on Thursday 30 March and imports climbed to 10.6 GW on Saturday 2 December.


Demand response volumes activated on the balancing mechanism jumped to 27 GWh from 16 GWh in 2016. More demand response capacity was certified through the capacity mechanism for 2018 (94,235 MW) than for 2017 (89,598 MW), as power producers predict better availability of plants.


To help guarantee a successful energy transition, RTE is upgrading the power network and making it more secure. A total of €1,393 million was invested during the year, notably to bring into service the Brittany safety net, to build new interconnections between France and England (IFA2) and France and Italy, to restructure the 225 kV lines for the Haute-Durance and 2Loires projects, and to digitise substations. These investments also helped reduce the number of overhead lines and increase underground ones.

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