Our forecasts

Anticipating the risks to ensure security of electricity supply


RTE is responsible for electricity supply-demand balance on the grid in real time. In order to fulfil this crucial remit, the risks are anticipated far in advance. Several forecast studies are conducted: a medium- and long-term forecast assessment published every two years (in application of the Law of 10 February 2000) and a seasonal analysis (available in French) before every summer and winter.

We also contribute to the drafting of European seasonal reports with our partners in ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), which we set up with 41 TSOs in 34 countries.

These different publications are compiled together with all the electricity sector participants. Based on these reports, any periods of tension for electricity supply-demand balance are identified. The drivers that can be triggered are explored with the market participants to prevent interruption of power supply. Tools are deployed and cutting edge expert appraisal is performed to enhance quality of our forecasts on a permanent basis and fuel debate and decisions on tomorrow’s French electricity system.

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