Building the future together

Customer culture, the driving force behind our actions


We provide targeted solutions for each of our generation, distribution, industrial and trading market customers, with an offer which is developed at the rate of their new needs, within a customer-centred, flexible and skilful organisation. Fair treatment and transparency are extended to our activities and discussions, a core belief which has been developed with the Transmission System Users’ Committee (CURTE). Our troops are rallied around a single aim - developing increasingly closer relations with our customers.

Cataliz: our online proposal

As well as grid and electricity market access, we also provide our customers with services such as the improvement of their security of supply and help with optimizing their budget. All these services are accessible on a website dedicated to them, known as Cataliz. Its purpose is to facilitate the understanding of our offer, based on a simple and intuitive presentation and a logical customer strategy. Since its creation, Cataliz has been developed with new solutions for electricity market access. Taking it a step further, this guide to the offer also proposes educational explanations for better understanding of the market mechanisms, the RTE contractual architecture, etc.

A customer support organisation

In order to be more reactive and more efficient throughout the country, RTE has set up the Customer Contracts Division composed of:

  • A commercial proximity network of 100 people which is supported by a marketing team and project teams, made up of 30 employees, who develop customer relations tools,
  • 60 people who design and develop energy transition services,
  • 50 people in charge of metering services, working out the charges and billing and debt recovery.

Service commitments

As a public service provider, we have to make commitments to our customers: these include non-discriminatory treatment, transparency of our methods, confidentiality of information, etc. These principles are grouped together in a code of good conduct.

These commitments are coordinated and tracked as and when they arise: by transmitting  a proposed commitment within three months for a connection project, by having damage thresholds for continuity of supply between 2 power cuts over 3 years and 5 power cuts per year, as well as continuity of a customer information system of at least 98% for every market mechanism, and written information within 3 working days of every power cut, responding to complaints within 30 days, and so on.

  1. 8.4 /10

    The mark given by our customers to quality of relations with our customer services team. The survey conducted in 2013 shows a sharp rise in customer satisfaction.

Key facts

  • 5 groups of active participants

    RTE's mission is to ensureat all times that there is a balance between supply and demand of electricity. We do so by relying on the competences and the needs of the generators of electricity; the traders; the distributors; the industrial consumers and the railway industries.

A more in-depth view

We are entering into a crucial period defined by energy transition, consolidation with the emergence of new French electricity market structures, the construction of a European electricity market, and so on, all of which are major issues which will strenthen our communication and cooperation with our customers.

Within this profoundly changing context, the role played by the Transmission System Users’ Committee (CURTE) is essential. Set up by RTE in 2000, it fosters receptiveness towards our customers, and discussion with them. The CURTE organises, in completely open conditions, the participation of our customers in discussions and studies concerning the design of and changes to RTE’s contractual and commercial offer, especially any changes to the rules. Furthermore, any new contractual template is submitted for consultation before being transmitted to the CRE.

In 2013, in order to further strengthen this dialogue, RTE  launched a new website dedicated to the CURTE, known as Concerte, which provides the market participants, with the news and information that they need, more rapidly with new easier access for everybody, on top of the new space exclusively reserved for the members of the CURTE.


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