European data

European data


At the crossroads of the European electricity market

Under the influence of changes related to energy transition, the European electricity system is undergoing a facelift: this includes the development of renewable energies often in regions with low consumption, a need to coordinate on the European scale, the advent of new flexibility with the smart grids, etc. At the crossroads of Europe, France plays a key role in these cross-border trades, which will increase to take advantage of the boom in renewable energies. All the requisite data and elements of comprehension are available.

Preparing today for tomorrow’s grid: RTE at the crossroads of the electricity system

Recognised in Europe for our innovative strength and our R&D resources, we are the driving force behind the development of numerous European projects. ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators (TSO) for Electricity, of which RTE is a member, continues its coordination of the TSOs in 34 countries. The backbone of Europe's electricity system, it supports the rolling out of extensive development policies. These research programmes fulfil the obligations to reduce greenhouse gases. They concern grid safety, security of supply, smooth running of the markets and integration of new sources of energy. Every year, ENTSO-E publishes a report on the European electricity system (only available in English).

Synthetic overview of ENTSO-E electric system consumption, generation and exchanges during 2013


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Thinking ahead to tomorrow's market

As part of the fight against global warming, the European Union has set itself ambitious targets for 2020.

Embody smart electricity: our R&D roadmap

RTE has set up an R&D roadmap for 2017-2020 to meet the major challenges faced by the French and European power system.

RTE: from past to present

From the date it was founded, RTE has been constantly developing a smart grid ...