Generation adequacy reports

Forecast assessment of electricity supply-demand balance


Generation Adequacy Report of the electricity supply-demand balance: A unique diagnostic tool in energy transition

Each year RTE drafts and publishes the "Generation Adequacy Report" of the balance of electricity supply and demand, in accordance with its mission entrusted by law.

Click here for the online version of the Generation Adequacy Report: (in french only)

RTE has established five scenarios for a successful energy transition, from winter 2018-2019 to 2035. Carried out in consultation with all stakeholders (generators, suppliers, electricity and gas distributors, NGOs, professional organisations, academics and think-tanks, institutions) and developed from 50 000 simulations, the Generation Adequacy Report provides robust and comprehensive scenarios. The aim of the Generation Adequacy Report is to inform decisions on energy choices to ensure a secure, stable and sustainable electricity supply by 2035.

Horizon 2025:

The closure of a significant number of nuclear reactors (around 24) must be accompanied by a significant acceleration of the development of renewable energies and the construction of new gas-fired power plants (more than 11 000 MW) to achieve the target of 50% nuclear contribution to electricity supply set by the French Energy Transition for Green Growth Act.

Horizon 2035: 5 contrasting scenarios to guide in the decisions that will build the power system of tomorrow

All of the scenarios envisaged (Ohm, Ampère, Hertz, Volt and Watt) lead to:

  • Strong growth of renewable energy;
  • The closure of nuclear reactors;
  • Evolution of electricity consumption (stable or in decline in all simulations);
  • The massive development of electric vehicles;
  • Growth in electricity self-consumption.

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