An offer supporting our customers’ performance

An offer supporting our customers’ performance


Our first commitment on a daily basis is to ensure that our customers can access quality, cost-effective and clean electricity in completely open and non-discriminatory conditions. This is the aim of the requirement covering our 8,500 strong personnel who fulfil their public service remit by operating, maintaining and developing the grid. Within the changing context of energy transition and consolidation of Europe’s electricity market, we apply best practice for innovation across the board of our activities and free up trade flows. However, RTE supports its customers with very different activities and concerns. That is why as a service provider, our organisation is customer-centred so that we can propose an offer and services that are tailored to every need.

An indispensable role of interface

Our transmission grid guarantees the physical connection between our customers, who are electricity system participants: upstream of the process are power generation companies, downstream of the process are distributors and industrial customers, and cross-functional to the process are traders and service providers (suppliers and brokers) who buy and sell electricity. Over the past few years, construction of Europe’s electricity market decoupled their need for coordination and standardisation from their trading practices. Receptive to our customers’ needs, we design innovative tools providing an ever increasing level of system flexibility, interactivity and performance (coupling, market mechanisms, etc).

Connection to the grid constitutes a significant stage in the siting projects for new industrial facilities, new means of generation and development of new distribution substations.

Due to energy transition and mass development of renewable energies, our grid has to be ready to integrate large-scale electricity generation from new sources. As the interface, we are the driving force behind the speeding up of connection of these new generation facilities to the grid as soon as possible.

We get involved as early on as possible in the process in order to identify the relevant technical solutions, by reconciling our customers’ needs with the aims of appropriate development of the public transmission system. We have opted for transparency and permanent discussion with our customers. This strategy of being receptive to our customers is pivotal to the process. This commitment is mainly achieved within the framework of the Transmission System Users’ Committee (CURTE) and its specialised subcommittees. With the CURTE, our customers (power generation companies, traders, distributors and consumers) participate in all the discussions and studies concerning design and changes of our contractual and commercial offer. Concerte, the cooperation website dedicated to members of the CURTE, enables them to consult the ongoing work, proposals and opinions expressed by other customers and the follow-up actions.

In addition, we have two websites dedicated to presenting our proposal of services, our news and reference documents which provide the framework for customer access to the grid and the electricity market:

  • Our customer portal, which offers browsing specific to each type of customer (market participants, distributors, power generation companies and consumers),
  • Cataliz, the complete guide to our offer of services presented based on customer strategy.

Focus on the services tailored to customer route

Improving security of their supply, optimising their energy bill, receiving support, etc our customers’ needs go beyond mere access to our grid. With our 100 commercial points of contact distributed throughout France, we offer a multitude of services tailored to their diverse expectations. Our entire offer is accessible on one single web medium: Cataliz, a simple and intuitive method of presentation tailored to customer strategy. We have embarked on around forty new service projects in order to respond to constant changes in the electricity system within which our customers evolve.

We manage our commitments with the same level of vigour that we manage out grid with. Quality of supply and of our services are essential to the performance of our customers’ activities. Our teams uphold our service commitments on a daily basis ensuring the transmission of a proposal within three months for a connection project, at least 98% continuity of customer information systems for each market mechanism, written information within three days of every power cut, response to complaints within 30 days, etc.

Fulfilling the specific expectations of our industrial customers

Our customers include major industrial facilities directly connected to our grid, as is the case of the railway, chemical and iron and steelmaking companies, the automobile industry and paper mills. A power cut, a very short one, could compromise the smooth running of our customers’ activities. This is why we are one of the rare European transmission system operators to be 100% committed to quality of the wave supplied with a dedicated offer of services.


  1. 1

    Connecting our customers to the transmission grid

  2. 2

    Improving their security of supply

  3. 3

    Optimising their energy bill

  4. 4

    Providing access for power generation companies, suppliers, traders, etc to the electricity market and cross-border connections

  5. 5

    Providing access to valuable market mechanisms

  1. 83 meetings

    The number of consultation meetings with out clients conducted under CURTE in 2014. 39 of these were looking at network access, 38 at market access, 3 at access to cross-border relations, and 2 at development prospects.

Supporting the French economy

Chemicals, steel, and paper – These are industries whose activity cannot tolerate voltage dips, however small they may be. Find out why and how RTE is committed to guaranteeing them a constant high quality of supply. Click “CC” for English subtitles.

A more in-depth view

RTE, customer culture factored into all its activities

In 2012, we restructured our organisation in order to place our customers at the centre of the priorities of the specialisations. With the setting up of the Customers and Contracts Division, there are now 130 commercial points of contact who support our customers throughout France, around sixty people designing and developing energy transition services and tomorrow’s grid and around fifty people in charge of working out the charges, billing and debt recovery. This organisation is more flexible and more skilful and fosters cooperation between our specialisations – R&D, purchasing, operations, commercial teams, legal aspects, accounts and human resources. It fuels innovation and enables the best services to be proposed for optimum performance.

RTE is considered an “innovative and efficient, supporting its customers”

This new organisation contributes to improving overall customer satisfaction. The survey conducted in 2013 shows a sharp rise in the overall performance index: 7,192 points out of 10000, against 6,194 points in 2010. The marks awarded for satisfaction improved for virtually all our offers of services: 7.5/10 for connection, 7.9 for grid access, 7.5 for data access and 7.2 for market access. Quality of personnel relations was also recognised with a score of 8.4/10. The services related to quality of electricity and those related to continuity of supply both scored 7.9/10. Our image is generally perceived in a highly positive manner. RTE is considered as an innovative company, supporting its customers effectively. We are expecting to reach an overall performance index of 8500 points out of 10000 for 2015.

Exportable know-how with our subsidiaries

A major participant in Europe’s electricity system, RTE’s know-how in operation and market management is recognised. This expertise is rolled out to the electricity system participants throughout the world by our specialised subsidiaries:

  • RTE-International, deploying the engineers and technicians from our specialised departments. The services provided by RTE-International cover such technical fields as maintenance, operational control, implementation of market tools and mechanisms, induction of reforms and changeover to smart grids.
  • SERECT, providing expert knowledge in live maintenance work so that the electricity infrastructures can be maintained without cutting off the supply.
  • CIRTEUS, in charge of all the competitive services previously provided by RTE, for example, training and maintenance and operation services.


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