A regulated activity

A regulated activity for appropriate balance


The sole transmission system operator for high and extra-high voltage electricity in metropolitan and continental France, we play a strategic role which means that a framework covers our activity so that we can fulfil our main missions in a sustainable manner. These are to ensure security of supply and sustainable electricity system operation, to guarantee the same quality of service for everybody, to continually improve our services, and to contribute to the economic development of the territories. This is why the RTE’s activities are directly overseen by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

A governance guaranteeing independence and equity

In order to guarantee equality of treatment indispensable to the smooth running of the electricity market in compliance with the legislation, RTE was set up in the year 2000 first of all as part of EDF, and then it became a full-fledged subsidiary in 2005, pursuant to the application of several successive European directives. Managerial, accounting and financial independence have been enforced by the law since the foundation of the company (Law of 10 February 2000) and was reinforced in 2005, when RTE became a public limited company, an autonomous subsidiary of EDF. The Chairman of the RTE Board of Directors is thus appointed by the company’s Supervisory Board after approval from the Minister in charge of Energy. He can only be removed from office with justified prior notice given by the CRE. The Chairman chooses the other members of the Board of Directors and submits his list to the Supervisory Board for approval.

A code of good conduct has been compiled and we are committed to treating all the market participants in a completely open and non-discriminatory manner. The CRE compiles a report on full compliance with this code and assesses our independence.

Grid access and open competition overseen by the CRE

The main challenges assigned to the CRE include guaranteeing the right of access to the public electricity grids and monitoring of the smooth running and development of the electricity grids and infrastructures. It guarantees independence of the transmission system operators and contributes to construction of the European internal electricity market.

Rate charged for using the public transmission and distribution networks

RTE’s main revenue is determined by the tariff required for access to the transmission system (otherwise known as the TURPE) according to the terms laid down by the CRE.

Financial regulation: a priority for our customers

We have a duty to our customers to provide access to clean, safe, cheap and quality electricity based on efficient services and an effective grid. Extensive investments are required to achieve this aim and RTE will continue to allocate around 1.4 billion Euros to this on a yearly basis. Our financial robustness, a pledge of trust in the market participants, helps us to sustain this effort over time.


The regulated electricity market in France

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    Trading is carried out within a competitive framework and at the same time, the market rules are approved by the regulatory authority.

  1. A seasonal and time-based tariff

    The tariff in force since 1 August 2013 shall apply until 2016 with a new factor for our customers: the season and time of day. The tariff is thus now lower in summer than in winter and at night-time than in daytime (except for the customers that are connected to the 400 kV electricity supply, who keep the same tariff all year round).

  2. 1.4 billion Euros invested every year

    Based on the stability of our regulated model, our sustained investment policy is being continued. Its aim is to reinforce, adapt and renew our grid to facilitate energy transition and ensure security of supply while controlling the costs for our customers and for the local authorities and integrating the grid in the environment as best as possible.

Key facts

  • Supported investments

    Thanks to the stability of our regulated model, we are continuing our supported investments policy. The aim is to strengthen, adapt and renew our network in order to facilitate energy transition, and to secure power supply whilst keeping the costs to our consumers and the community under control, as well as inserting the network into the environment in the best way possible.

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