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Services tailored to diversity of needs


As a service provider, we are partners in our customers’ electricity performance in order to respond to all their problems. Our organisation focuses on customer needs, regardless of whether they are electricity generation companies, distributors, industrial consumers, traders or service providers (electricity brokers and suppliers). 
Proximity-based customer relations
More than 130 commercial point of contacts work in partnership with our customers throughout France, around sixty people design and develop energy transition services and tomorrow’s grid and around fifty people work out the charges and carry out billing and debt recovery. 
Our organisation is increasingly more flexible and more competent and fosters cooperation between our specialisations – R&D, purchasing, operations, commercial teams, lawyers, accountants and human resources. It drives innovation and guides changes in our offer supporting our customers’ electricity performance. 
An offer of services tailored to every need and every project
We support our customers from one end of the electricity value creation chain to the other by placing all our system expertise at their disposal: management of infrastructures, electricity flows and market mechanisms. Most of our offers are based on service commitments. 
Integrated in our basic contracts or in pick and pay mode, our services are designed according to the customer’s strategic aims.
  • Our teams work upstream to identify the most relevant technical solution for every site with technical studies prior to connection to our grid.
  • We propose turnkey solutions to our customers to trade their electricity on the markets and value their consumption and generation flexibility: access to invitations to tender, cross-border interconnections, balancing and demand side management mechanisms, etc. 
  • We take all the measures required to maintain our customers’ electricity equipment and guarantee quality of supply, based on equipment maintenance and inspection services, wave monitoring and diagnostics services, etc. 
  • We support our customers with budget control, management of their balancing scope and management of their account based on our data access services Dat@RTE, which provide all the tools to optimise their energy bill: remote meter reading, measurement of real-time flows, etc.
  • Our skills transfer actions enable our customers to improve the autonomous management of their systemsand raise electrical safety awareness amongst their personnel with dedicated training provided for our customers and delivered by our subsidiary CIRTEUS : maintenance, grid protection, etc. 
Cataliz, guiding you to the most appropriate services for you 
Cataliz is a catalogue in digital form listing all our offers of commercial and contractual services. In the same way as a training tool, every service is presented in the form of practical sheets, with the description of the service, its price, the commercial point of contact and the access conditions. 
Regardless of whether they are power generation companies, market participants, industrialists or distributors, our customers are guided with 4 headings reflecting their aims: become a customer; improve your security of supply, optimise your budget and receive support. 
Looking to the future, Cataliz also provides our customers with the essentials. Aim: improve understanding of the market mechanisms, RTE contractual architecture, their bills, etc.
This catalogue is regularly supplemented with new services and is available in the form of applications for Ipad and Androïd tablets. 
Consult the web version:

A more in-depth view

Anticipating our customers’ electricity needs to meet tomorrow’s challenges
Facilitator of our customers’ electricity projects, we also work alongside them to help resolve the challenges related to changes in the sector: energy transition, consolidation of the European electricity market and development of smart electricity system with the smart grids.
Within this context, the CURTE – the permanent consultation area for our customers – constitutes an essential tool for understanding their needs and involving them in ongoing projects. Over the past five years, more than 500 contributors have thus participated in the compiling of around sixty texts and rules governing grid access, market mechanisms and interconnection access.
Rapid development of renewable energy generation mainly affects our customers who generate and distribute electricity. This is why we discuss our forecasts and hypotheses for change in order to help them to plan for focus, volume and scheduling and of their investments. Based on our research programmes, we design the modes for connection to tomorrow’s smart grid. Within the framework of the Twenties project, we have, for example, experimented with a new technique to enable electricity generation companies to connect their off-shore wind farms to our on-shore grid. 
Quality of supply constitutes a major aim for our industrial customers. This is why our solutions for monitoring and diagnostics of disturbance of the wave supplied are constantly being improved in order to carry out corrective actions on their facilities.

Who are our 490 customers?

  1. 1

    Electricity generation companies

  2. 2

    Distributors connecting the consumers to our grids

  3. 3

    Industrial companies directly connected to our grid

  4. 4

    Traders and service providers, who buy and sell electricity

  1. 7 192 /10000 points

    This is the overall performance index from 2013. Most notably, our clients gave high point ratings to our key services; 7.5/10 for connection services, 7.9 for access to the network, 7.5 for access to data, and 7.2 for market access. The quality of our relationships with our partners also received a score of 8.4/10

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