Ten-Year Network Development Plan

Ten-Year Network Development Plan


In order to keep providing our customers with access to high-quality, affordable and clean electricity, we are taking proactive measures to be prepared for any changes in electricity supply and demand, while also laying the groundwork for the future's electrical system.

In order to do this, we are optimising the efficiency of the electrical system by delivering, for example, new market mechanisms (capacity mechanism), whilst at the same time tailoring and expanding our infrastructures in order to keep up with trends in demand, meet the challenges of the energy transition, facilitate interconnection of the European transmission systems, essential to cross-border optimisation of the existing energy mix, and maintain cross-regional energy solidarity.

This ten-year plan sets out the grid development projects that RTE intends to complete and roll out within the next three years. It also describes the main power transmission infrastructures that RTE will be planning for the ten forthcoming years. In addition, it outlines potential grid adjustment requirements, based on a range of energy transition scenarios.

In total, structures covering a distance of more than 2 000 km will be built or expanded on within the forthcoming decade:

  • 1200 km of new underground and underwater direct-current structures, along with their respective converter stations;
  • Approximately 600 km of reinforcement structures for the existing grid, as well as new overhead 400 kV alternating-current circuits to replace existing structures.
  • At the same time, nearly 900 km of 225 kV alternating-current underground connections and slightly more than 400 km of 225 kV overhead connections will need to be built.

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  1. 2,000 km

    of structures will be built or expanded on within the forthcoming decade.

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