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What will the future smart grids look like? Visit our Showroom


What are the latest innovations developed by RTE? What are the current and future challenges facing our R&D teams? What will the future smart grids look like? Based in Paris-La Défense, our Showroom is an interactive and innovative space open to RTE personnel and all the stakeholders.

An innovative place for information and communication

A multimedia, high-tech space, our Showroom presents the following items in a clear and interactive manner:

  • The effective technologies and solutions deployed by RTE on its grid,
  • Our ongoing research projects related to electricity system aims (energy transition, integration of renewable energies, completion of a single European market, use of smart grids, nanotechnologies and superconductivity, etc).

The purpose of the Showroom is to inform our stakeholders of the results and progress of our R&D programme. It is open to Government representatives, companies, academics, journalists and RTE partners and personnel.

Our Showroom also constitutes an original working space as we welcome the main R&D protagonists in an environment conducive to the sharing of innovative ideas and the fostering of creativity.


  1. 1 500 Visitors

    The number of visitors welcomed to our showroom in 2014

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