Collaborateurs RTE - credit seignette lafontan
Collaborateurs RTE - credit seignette lafontan

Remaining attuned to your expectations

In order to better understand and remain a step ahead of your evolving needs, we have a number of tools that we use for staying attuned to your expectations.

We conduct spot surveys in order to assess emergent situations and offer customised solutions. 

In addition to this “living” survey, we also conduct an in-depth annual survey to assess all aspects of the customer experience so as to readjust and improve our performance and our quality of service.

Listening to you and assessing your satisfaction are key to developing a range of services that meet your needs and to providing an optimal customer experience. We undertake to share our results with you every year.

87 %
That's the satisfaction rating from our clients in 2019
(percentage of ratings over or equal to 7/10).

Nearly 880 customer representatives gave their feedback on this occasion. 
Once again, the level of interaction with designated RTE representatives was praised.  Dedication, receptiveness and support are our company’s flagship qualities.

In total, 1 out of 3 customers gave a rating of greater than or equal to 9/10 for RTE’s quality of service.
This result is due to the ceaseless efforts of our 8500 employees, constantly working to meet our customers’ needs.


What our customers have to say about us

Quality of service

Satisfaction rate in %
- 90% Power quality (+1 pt)
- 88% Metering and access to data (+3 pts)
- 84% Work scheduling (=)
- 84% Market access services for connected customers (+3 pts)
- 78% Grid connection (-8pts)
- 77% Access to IT system (-1 pt)
- 74% Data for monitoring your business on the market (-3 pts)

Quality of customer experience

Satisfaction rate in %
- 89% Availability of your designated contact person (-2 pts)
- 88% Quality of advice given by your designated contact person
- 84% Ease with which your contract can be changed (+6 pts)
- 78% Ease of access to information (-4 pts)
- 64% Support provided to market players (-14 pts)

Consultation: tuning in to our customers’ needs

The rules governing access to the transmission system and to electricity markets are changing: take part in the consultation being organised by RTE and share your expectations with RTE to ensure that the rules are tailored to your needs.

An essential step in changes of policy governing access to the grid and in changes to market rules, the purpose of a consultation is to talk face-to-face with stakeholders about their challenges and expectations in order to gather their insights. The consultation consists of sub-committee meetings that are convened several times a year within subject-specific working groups:

  • Grid access sub-committee (CAR) 
  • Market access sub-committee (CAM) 
  • Sub-committee for access to interconnections (CFAI) 
  • Sub-committee on system and grid perspectives (CPSR)

How can you participate?
Do you want to have a say about future changes to market rules or grid access agreements? In order to apply, visit, a platform specifically designed for consultations.