Poste electrique en realite virtuelle
Poste electrique en realite virtuelle

Making customer satisfaction a priority


A close and trusting relationship

RTE has established an organisational structure based on regional proximity with its customers, supported by: 

  • Seven regional sales departments (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Nantes, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines and Toulouse); 
  • A sales department in Saint-Denis, specifically for market players; 
  • A major-accounts department for the management and coordination of nation-wide players (EDF, ENEDIS, railways, energy providers with generation assets, local distribution companies, large-scale manufacturers);  
  • Two centres (Lyon and Nantes) for contracts and billing. These centres are in charge of day-to-day contractual and commercial interactions with all of RTE’s customers.
Carte des services commerciaux

Whether you are a consumer, a generator, a distributor or a market player, you can get in touch with our sales representatives, experts in your business sector and attuned to your expectations.


In order to support you most effectively with issues that matter to you, these contacts are supported locally by product managers specialising in the following areas:

  • Metering and data
  • Power quality
  • Markets
  • Grid connection

All our regional representatives are part of a nation-wide network and coordinate our different skillsets in order to provide you with the right solutions at all times.


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