Collaborateurs RTE - credit seignette lafontan
Collaborateurs RTE - credit seignette lafontan

Making customer satisfaction a priority

RTE discharges its duties as a public utility within the framework of a regulated monopoly We are responsible for the security and quality of supply throughout the country and we are committed to guaranteeing everyone a high quality of service, without discrimination.

Customer satisfaction is a key priority of RTE

Its measurement and the permanent search for drivers of satisfaction for our customers are therefore essential. We listen closely to our customers and are attentive to their particular needs:

  • we conduct business and market intelligence
  • we discuss with our customers to gain an understanding of their issues and projects
  • we conduct spot surveys following customer interactions and call-outs
  • we measure our customers’ overall satisfaction with our services through an anonymous annual survey

Listening to our customers and measuring their satisfaction are the keys to developing a range of services customised to their needs and to delivering an optimal customer experience We undertake to share our results with our customers every year.

In 2022, the satisfaction rate of our customers reached 92%

Find out more: Results of the 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our customers are important economic players, creators of jobs and wealth in the regions. They are facing new challenges in the current context of energy transition and accelerated decarbonisation of industry.

To support our customers in these economic, societal and environmental stakes, it is essential that we collectively provide them with quality support, helping them improve their performance and competitiveness.

A close and trusting relationship

RTE has established an organisational structure based on regional proximity with its customers, supported by:

  • seven regional sales departments (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Nantes, La Défense and Toulouse)
  • a Market Access department in Saint-Denis, dedicated to market players
  • a major-accounts department for the management and coordination of nation-wide players (EDF, ENEDIS, railways, energy providers with generation assets, local distribution companies, large-scale manufacturers)
  • two centres (Lyon and Nantes) for contracts and billing
Carte des services commerciaux
Commercial Services Map

Whether you are a consumer, a generator, a distributor or a market player, you can get in touch with our sales representatives, experts in your business sector and attuned to your expectations.

All our regional representatives are part of a nation-wide network and coordinate our different skillsets in order to provide you with the right solutions at all times.

Consultation: tuning in to our customers’ needs

The rules governing access to the transmission system and to electricity markets are changing: take part in the consultation organised by RTE and share your expectations with RTE to ensure that the rules are tailored to your needs.

An essential step in changes of policy governing access to the grid and in changes to market rules, the purpose of a consultation is to talk face-to-face with stakeholders about their challenges and expectations in order to gather their insights.

The consultation consists of sub-committee meetings that are convened several times a year within subject-specific working groups:

  • Network Access Commission (CAR)
  • Market Access Commission (CAM)
  • Interconnection Access Operating Commission (CFAI)
  • Commission for System and Grid Perspectives (CPSR)

How to participate

Do you wish to have a say about future changes to market rules or transmission system access agreements? Go to (website in french), the consultation platform for RTE stakeholders.