Lignes RTE Sainneville
Lignes RTE Sainneville

Working with regions to lead the energy transition

At multiple levels, regional players are fully committed to addressing the challenges posed by infrastructure, by the energy and environmental transitions, and by economic development.

At the very heart of the power system, actively involved in driving these transitions, maintaining security of supply and fostering electrical solidarity, RTE has made stakeholder relations and regional service a golden thread of its business plan.

In 2019, RTE conducted a survey involving a wide range of stakeholders (regional communities, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, town planning agencies, chambers of agriculture etc.) to better understand the needs that we could help to address. More than 10 000 stakeholders were contacted and nearly 800 replied to us in detail.

RTE has an excellent reputation with the parties participating in the survey, almost all of whom (94%) had already heard of the company, whilst 74% said they were satisfied with their relationship with RTE.

The results of the survey were used to better define local expectations so that we could support the regions more effectively through concrete commitments and services, tailored to regional characteristics, challenges and dynamics, revolving around 4 main subjects:

  • Economic attractiveness,
  • Energy transition,
  • Environmental transition and solidarity,
  • Quality of life.