Completing the energy transition to win the fight against climate change
Pylone RTE et coucher de soleil - Crédit Guillaume Verduron - En-tête
Pylone RTE et coucher de soleil - Crédit Guillaume Verduron - En-tête

Completing the energy transition to win the fight against climate change

Regional players are actively involved in the implementation of policies and actions seeking to fight against global warming and to support the energy transition.

In order to support the regions, RTE produces, analyses and provides regional players with a set of data enabling them to sustain a balance between power supply and demand, power system safety and electrical solidarity among the regions. 

France's electricity data - eCO2mix


With the éCO2mix app (Web and Android), you can track consumption, output and trends in energy-mix data throughout France, across the regions and in cities, either in real time or over a given period.

Application éco2mix

The app has two operating modes: one for experts and one for the general public.
The first includes data on CO2 emissions from power generating facilities, on cross-border trade in Europe and even on European electricity market prices set by the stock exchanges. The second informs users about a region’s total consumption and gives advice on how to reduce daily consumption. For example, the section called “À la maison (at home)” shows the average annual consumption of an electrical appliance (washing machine, computer, heating, etc.) whilst indicating how much energy could be saved with a less energy-intensive appliance.


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France's electric consumption data - eCO2mix

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Power generation by energy source
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Ecowatt - Electricity forecast to pave the way for responsible consumption

Across France, people are using Ecowatt to help them make smarter choices when it comes to electricity consumption :

  • When should you reduce consumption to prevent power cuts, for example during cold spells in winter?
  • When is the best time to consume electricity: for example, recharging your electric car at times when low carbon electricity generation is abundant?

A bona fide electricity forecast, Ecowatt qualifies French electricity consumption in real time, on a region by region basis. Consumers are guided at all times by clear indicators ensuring they make the right choices.

Ecowatt also has a text notification service to warn consumers in case of power cut risks. Ecowatt lets consumers know the most effective energy-saving actions and when to take them.

Through responsible consumption, all French people can get involved in driving forward the energy transition and ensuring everyone has a plentiful supply of electricity.


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RTE provides regions with support and expertise by helping them to implement regional energy policies, specifically when it comes to preparing strategic regional guidelines such as regional planning, sustainable development and equality plans (SRADDET) or climate-air-energy plans (PCAET).

An understanding of a region’s energy status (output, consumption and electricity exchanges with neighbouring regions) is essential for effective planning of the energy transition and for driving energy policy.


Open data Réseaux Energies (ODRE)

ODRE provides a set of data about power output, multiple-energy consumption, storage, communities and regions, infrastructure, markets and weather, produced by the joint efforts of our experts and partners.
Open Data Réseaux Énergies (ODRÉ) was jointly developed by GRTgaz, RTE and Teréga. They were then joined by AFGNV and the group now includes Weathernews France, Elengy, Storengy and Dunkerque LNG.


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In addition to providing data, RTE’s experts conduct research into consumption and output trends, energy efficiency and new forms of electricity usage. This research provides regional players with a guideline for setting their energy goals or for assessing the impact of different measures.

Simulating a region’s electrical scenarios

In order to assist the Occitanie region with the preparation of its SRADDET energy chapters, RTE and ADEME assessed the electrical part of the scenario running up to year 2035. The regional council used the findings of this assessment to explore ways of halving energy consumption by encouraging the development of renewable energy sources.


RTE supports the development of renewables by producing regional renewable energy grid integration plans (S3RENR).

Caparéseau, a single website for learning about renewable energy accommodation capacity

Together with distribution system operators, RTE has set up a platform that explores opportunities for the connection of power-generation facilities to transmission and distribution networks. The information posted on Caparéseau is intended for all generating facilities. In keeping with S3REnR, network operators develop and reserve accommodation capacities for renewable energy sources. As soon a region gets a S3REnR, the website provides additional information.

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