Utilisation urbanisme et alimentation electrique - Credit A.Pernet
Utilisation urbanisme et alimentation electrique - Credit A.Pernet

Improving quality of life within our regions

Health, education, employment, lifestyle, social cohesion and urban planning are just some of the factors supporting quality of life in the regions.

Because quality of life is strongly dependent on how a region’s landscape is perceived, RTE is working hard to enhance the landscape in conjunction with regional communities, local residents and academics, in order to foster a positive image of the transmission system’s infrastructure.


Imagining the landscapes of the future


Within the corporate “landscape and energy” research programme, RTE and the Versailles school of landscape architecture are promoting research that seeks to design new landscapes by using renewable energy sources, (…) merging the power transmission model with the landscaping and environmental model, enhancing the quality of resources, generation, transmission, distribution and recycling, piloting the landscape’s and energy’s dual functionality in order to design green-growth regions.

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  • Landscaping architecture that reconciles the environment with the installation of a substation

    RTE worked together with the municipality and with local associations to blend the Villevaudé substation (Île-de-France) into the landscape with positive effects for the environment.

    This joint initiative resulted in the building of a green wall, a natural pond and a hiking path, enabling local residents to rediscover the area.


    A pathway for the region’s pedestrians, cyclists and power lines


    As part of its efforts to upgrade the transmission system and successfully complete the energy transition, RTE has helped to build a 60-km pathway between the towns of Gourdan-Polignan and Montréjeau (Occitanie).

    The result of a collaborative effort involving regional players (the State, local communities), the structure has a three-fold purpose:

    • Achieving the objectives of the energy transition,
    • Making it safe for local residents to cross the Garonne River,
    • Making the Montréjeau recreation centre more attractive to tourists.
    Passerelle piétonne Haute Garonne

    Fostering a close relationship with our stakeholders


    Because the standard of public services being offered to citizens enhances a region’s quality of life, RTE is committed to fostering a close relationship with residents living near its structures. RTE is attuned to the expectations of regional players, providing them with expert advice and solutions, particularly in towns which are – along with other players – essential links when it comes to risk awareness and prevention.

    Protocol agreement with France’s Mayors Association on the monitoring of 50 Hz magnetic fields

    As is the case with all electrical structures, power lines generate electromagnetic fields.

    In order to make information available and answer the public’s questions about exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by high and ultra-high voltage lines, we provide mayors with a free information service and conduct electromagnetic field monitoring campaigns free of charge in the vicinity of our power lines in your region.

    Electromagnetic field monitorings in France