France's electric consumption data - eCO2mix

Actual power demand
42 922MW
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National demand
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Power generation by energy source
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g CO2eq /kWh
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CO2 emissions
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7 345MW

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8 788MW
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Cross-border electricity trading
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eCO2mix - New version as of July 20th, 2020 and evolutions to come

With the make over of the website, eCO2mix presents a new graphical interface. Some of the functionalites of the previous version are not available for the time being. They'll be available again, along with new functionalities,with the next versions releases.


Tracking power consumption and output in real time


éco2mix is a user-friendly tool that helps consumers to better understand and more effectively consume electricity. Available on the Internet free of charge, as well as via an app for smartphones and tablets, éCO2mix provides all power consumption and output indicators in real time and around the clock, both nationally and regionally.

  • France’s power consumption as well as our forecasts established the previous day and in the early afternoon for the current day;
  • France’s power generation per energy source in values and percentages;
  • Power trading transactions with our 6 neighbouring countries;
  • CO2 emissions resulting from power generation;
  • Monthly regional data: consumption, generation and inter-regional flows.


Millions of summarised and easy-to-understand data items


Curves and graphs for on-screen viewing, data you can download or print out, detailed breakdowns of power generated by photovoltaic, solar, hydro, fossil-fuelled and nuclear facilities … More than 15 million data items have been compiled to provide you with all this information in summarised form.

Would you like to know how much electricity is being consumed in France right now? What is the proportion of wind power in your region? How many megawatts is France currently exchanging with its neighbours? At a time when a growing number of us want to know about the challenges of the energy transition and its day-to-day implementation, RTE shares all France’s electricity data with you on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

Spotlight on a "living" power system


With éCO2mix, learn (more) about the extent to which our power system is a "living" one and how it undergoes significant fluctuations in the course of a day, as power consumption mirrors human activity. Higher in the morning when we wake up and when economic activity resumes. Peaking at the end of the day before decreasing in the evening. Higher during the day than during the night, higher during the week than during weekends, higher in winter than in summer, power consumption varies significantly. Observe how this fascinating system works in order to better understand its dynamics.