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Download éCO2mix data

Spotlight on downloadable data

  • Power-related data (time, actual, consolidated and final): this data concerns France, its 12 administrative regions and its 21 metropolitan areas.
  • Energy-related data (consolidated and final): this data concerns France and its 12 administrative regions.

The following two documents describe (in French only) the content of the files that you can download (column name, type of data, etc.).

Data records are adjusted twice after first being published:

  • In the course of the following month, records are consolidated on the basis of available metering data.
  • In the course of the first half of the following year, records are finalised on the basis of all metering data.

Scope of records

The set of national data goes back to the 1st of January 2012.
Records include regional data and the split of energy types per technology as of the 1st January 2013.

Metropolitan consumption data goes back to the date on which it was included in RTE’s éCO2mix app, i.e.:

Date City


Clermont-Ferrand metropolitan area

Dijon metropolitan area

Saint-Etienne metropolitan area

Toulon metropolitan area

Tours metropolitan area


Strasbourg Eurometropolis


Brest metropolitan area

Rouen Normandie metropolitan area


Montpellier Méditerrannée metropolitan area

Bordeaux metropolitan area


Nice Côte d'Azur metropolitan area

Grand Nancy metropolitan area

Toulouse metropolitan area

Rennes metropolitan area

Grenoble-Alpes metropolitan area


Lille metropolitan area

Aix-Marseille Provence metropolitan area

Grand Lyon metropolitan area


Nantes metropolitan area


Greater Paris metropolitan area



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These items are governed by legal provisions pertaining to intellectual property rights including copyright, drawings and models, as well as data protection.

However, RTE allows users to download, print and use éCO2mix indicators for informational purposes provided that their origin is made clear, to the exclusion of making other copies, distributing them, selling them or using them for the benefit of a third party.

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