Electricity Demand

Electricity demand in France varies throughout the day. It is represented by a load curve, based on telemetry data and continuous estimates by RTE. It is possible to simultaneously display data for one day up to 8 weeks.



Understanding the graph

For each day shown, you can see:

  • French national electricity demand in real-time. These data are taken from telemetry and estimates.
  • The day-ahead demand forecast (also referred to as the "D-1" forecast).
  • A second demand forecast updated during the day (called "D" or sometimes "reforecast").
  • New: at the end of the day, you can consult the demand forecast for the next day, by selecting this date.

Any differences between forecast and actual demand levels are mainly due to changes in weather conditions (temperature and daylight).

RTE constantly orders adjustments to generation output to match supply with electricity demand by consumers. It also ensures that the planned generation schedules of the various power suppliers meet the total demand requirements.

About records Calendrier

Historical data records are adjusted twice after they are first published:

  • During the following month, indicators are consolidated ("consolidated data", shown in green, based on the available metering data).
  • During the first half of the following year, indicators are finalised ("final data", shown in blue, based on all metering data).

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