Consumption, Generation and Inter-Regional Flows

For each region of France, you can view historical electricity consumption data, power generation data by energy source and the balance of electricity flows between regions. It is possible to simultaneously display data for one day up to 8 weeks.

Use the top buttons to the right of the map (or the dropdown menu below the map) to show the following information for each region: consumption and production data, detailed data for the Thermal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Solar, Wind and Pumped-Storage power generation segments, or the balance of inter-regional electricity inflows and outflows.


Simulating regional power generation in mainland France

The indicators concerning the regional energy mix model power generation by all of the region's production facilities, whether connected to the electricity transmission network or the distribution networks.

The various indicators are calculated based on data collected by RTE, in the case of generating facilities connected to the public electricity network, or data submitted by ERDF and local distribution companies in the case of facilities connected to distribution networks.

Regional electricity consumption estimates

Consumption at regional level is calculated in the same way as national consumption. Statistics are based on power generation data from each region, adjusted to reflect inter-regional flows.

Power generation data is obtained from the same sources that are used at national level, and the balance of incoming/outgoing regional flows is based on telemetry data relating to electricity transit in power lines in the public electricity transmission network as well as estimates of the flows in downstream networks, based on information submitted by ERDF and local distribution companies. RTE has developed algorithms to estimate the inter-regional flows in distribution networks not equipped with telemetry systems.

It will be possible to enhance these methods over time, based on feedback and the quality of the data available to RTE.

About historical data Calendrier

Historical data records are adjusted twice after they are first published:

  • During the following month, indicators are consolidated ("consolidated data", shown in green, based on the available metering data).
  • During the first half of the following year, indicators are finalised ("final data", shown in blue, based on all metering data).

"DC" and "ND" label

  • The "DC" label which can appear for certain power generation sectors in some regions, means "confidential data": RTE required to respect the rule of the statistical secret, is not allowed to publish this data.
  • The "ND" label means "unavailable data": the data do not exist for the requested period.

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