eCO2mix - Energy data


View the history of consumed, generated and traded energy forms over monthly and annual periods, at national and regional level.

Energies in France
Regional energies
Display energy data with a Sankey graph

Tracking and understanding energy data

This graph enables you to view the history of energy forms consumed, generated and traded over monthly and annual periods, at national and regional level.

Use the top buttons to choose your preferred display mode: energy forms in France or energy forms in Europe.

Spotlight on consumption

National and regional gross consumption data is available month by month. In annual values, a two-part break-down can be obtained for national as well as for regional consumption.

Spotlight on generation

Generated energy forms are aggregated according to the same sectors as power-generation data: nuclear, hydro, coal, oil, gas, solar, wind and biofuels.

Spotlight on trade

At national level, the balance of the energy trading programme is available for each border.

Spotlight on inter-regional power flows

At regional level, the balance of inter-regional power flows is available for each region.

Browsing through the consumption calendar


The calendar enables you to choose the display period as well as a monthly or annual view showing even more details.

N.B. At a regional level, data is only available from 2013 onwards for power generation and from 2014 onwards for power consumption and inter-regional flows.


Whilst the data is not available in real time, it is updated twice:

  • In the course of the following month, energy data is consolidated ("consolidated data" in green in the calendar, based on available metering data).
  • In the course of the first half of the following year, energy data is finalised ("final data" in red in the calendar, based on all metering data)


Spotlight on the Sankey energy-data diagram

Click on the icon below the graph to display a new window. At a glance, this diagram shows you energy data for nation-wide output (per energy source) and consumption. The latter is broken down into different sectors: residential users, businesses, farming, chemistry, automotive industry, paper, steel industry, transportation and telecommunication.