Application éco2mix
Application éco2mix

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Whether you are just a citizen wanting to understand more about electricity in order to consume it more effectively, an enlightened amateur or an energy professional, éCO2mix is a free educational app that can be used in recreational (general public) or expert mode, enabling users to:

  • track, hour by hour, regional and nation-wide data about the power system (electricity consumption in megawatts, power generation by energy source and technology, CO2 emissions in France resulting from power generation, cross-border trading schedules, spot prices on Europe’s electricity market),
  • understand their power consumption and
  • act effectively in the event of a warning from the grid by taking simple measures to avoid or mitigate the risk of a grid imbalance at certain times of the day.

The eCO2mix app has been designed for and by experts and the general public. It enables you to:

  1. View power consumption data being monitored in France, in the regions and in metropolitan areas, as well as forecasts established by RTE the previous day and in the early afternoon for the current day;
  2. Understand France’s power generation per energy source in values and percentages, with the option of having a more detailed break-down of certain energy sources;
  3. View power trading transactions (imports/exports) with our 6 neighbouring countries;
  4. Evaluate CO2 emissions resulting from power generation;
  5. Know what installed generation capacity consists of in France and in each region per energy source;
  6. Compare power consumption, power generation and installed generation capacity in the regions;
  7. View key figures to better understand the energy transition;
  8. Obtain monthly assessments of France’s energy status;
  9. View market data: spot prices are set by electricity stock exchanges for the day ahead;
  10. Receive advice about the power consumed by appliances;
  11. Learn about eco-friendly practices to curtail consumption;
  12. Sign up for notifications (warnings).

eCO2mix versions
Version 7.1 available since April 2020

If you have already installed eCO2mix in the past, press the "App Store" icon followed by "update" on your iPhone or iPad, or use "Google Play" followed by "my apps" on Android to update your version if the update is not automatically offered.


Installing or updating éCO2mix
From your device’s store:

Télécharger dans l'App Store




Disponible sur Google Play




Or scan with this unique code if you are using iOS or Android (your system will be automatically detected):


Rights for installing the app

In order to install the mobile app, you will be asked for a number of rights:

  • Geolocation
  • Access to your storage/files/multimedia

Geolocation is required when installing the app on your mobile but it can subsequently be disabled. You can leave it enabled in two instances:

  1.  you are subscribed to geolocation-based notifications or
  2. you wish to be automatically located in the region where you are in order to obtain information about your region (expert or general-public mode).

Access to storage/files/multimedia is required by the app in order for you to store data sent to your smartphone by éCO2mix, to speed up browsing, to remember a date that you selected on a page in order to keep it when you change page.


Useful information


Real-time information is updated in around 15 minutes.

You can choose an exact time (e.g. 9.15 or 18.45) by sliding your finger across the time scale: by pressing once, all views will simultaneously provide data for the selected time.

You can view one day and up to 7 days on the same screen.

You can subscribe to/unsubscribe from notifications via the "settings" icon of the éCO2mix mobile interface.

Note: data is automatically updated every time the app is launched and if it remains on (excluding standby), it is refreshed every 15 minutes.