Power generation by energy source

France’s electrical energy mix is published in real time on the basis of remotely monitored data and forecasts, as well as in the form of historical records.

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Real time data

Tracking and understanding power generation in France

France’s electrical energy mix is published in real time on the basis of remotely monitored data and forecasts. It is also available in the form of historical records.

This graph shows you electricity output per energy source (nuclear, gas, coal, petroleum, hydro, wind, solar and biofuels), supplemented by the sections entitled "pumped-storage hydropower" and "balance of imports/exports with other countries".

You can view data for one day or more up to a period of 8 weeks.


Spotlight on different energy sources

In this graph showing power generation in France, some types of generation are divided up into "technologies". You can access this data by selecting a type (click on the value) and by displaying the details.  

  • Gas comprises gas turbines, co-generation facilities, combined-cycle plants and other types of gas-fired power generation.
  • Fuel-oil comprises combustion turbines, co-generation facilities and other types of oil-fired power generation.
  • Hydro comprises run-of-river and locks, lakes and pumped-storage facilities.
  • Bioenergy comprises biogases, solid biofuels (wood fuel and other solid biofuels) and waste (household waste and waste from paper manufacturing).
  • Solar comprises electrical power generated by all photovoltaic solar panels (solar farms and dispersed generation).
  • Pumped-storage hydro facilities (English acronym: PSH). In periods of low demand, these hydro facilities draw water from a lower pond in order to fill an impoundment located at a higher altitude. The water is then released through turbines to generate electricity.
    - The "PSH turbine" section describes the power generated by the water that is released through turbines.
    - The "pumped-storage" section describes all the power consumed by PSH facilities.


Historical data is updated twice following initial publication:


  • In the course of the following month, historical data is consolidated ("consolidated data" in green in the calendar, based on available metering data).
  • In the course of the first half of the following year, historical data is finalised ("final data" in red in the calendar, based on all metering data).


Browsing through the power-generation graph

Several icons enable you to view power-generation data in your preferred format :

  • Curve
  • Area chart
  • Hide
  • Show again
  • "Settings" button for choosing the layout of energy sources


Browsing through the power-generation calendar

The calendar enables you to view data over one day or more (up to 8 weeks on desktop and 1 week on a mobile phone).


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