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  1. "Hello, how can I help you? …"

    01-18-2019 News

    Test neWen in January, the chatbot that will answer your energy-related questions and help you with your searches. The teams behind neWen have interviewed customers, institutions, administrations and local authorities, as well as other energy stakeholders ...

  2. CIGRE 2018

    08-24-2018 News


  3. Smart Grids report: The value of Smart Grids

    06-27-2018 News

    Smart Grids report- 05-07-2017 For a successful energy transition, the existing power system must become more flexible. New technical solutions, smart grids- or intelligent networks- offer the potential to meet this challenge. What is the value of these s ...

  4. The Celtic Interconnector Project is currently in the pre-development phase

    06-15-2018 News

    Celtic Interconnector: interconnection project between France and Ireland The Celtic Interconnector Project is currently in the pre-development phase, which includes the economic and technical studies, mainly off shore. Within this context, the geotechnic ...

  5. OSMOSE: RTE and 32 partners are preparing the necessary flexibilities for the electricity system of tomorrow

    02-23-2018 News

    Osmose H2020 The integration of a rapidly growing share of non-dispatchable Renewable Energy Sources (RES) like wind and solar into the traditional electricity system will require a significantly increased level of (system) flexibility. Launch of the Osmo ...

  6. Just a second, for the spark to pass!

    10-06-2017 News

    Client Fournisseur Élu et collectivité locale Investisseur Candidat Journaliste Élu Riverain Agriculteur Thanks to digital we are using more renewable energy. Together with you, with the regions, you’re helping us accomplish our mission to serve the commu ...

  7. PICASSO Project: Further development in integration of European balancing market

    08-04-2017 News

    •    Eight European transmission system operators establish cooperation •    Goal is implementation of automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves platform In July 2017, eight transmission system operators (TSOs) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the ...

  8. International Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) cooperation: France joining the coupled markets of Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands

    01-16-2017 News

    50Hertz, Amprion, APG, Elia, RTE, Swissgrid, TenneT, TransnetBW announce the succesful first common cross border frequency containment reserve (FCR) auction with RTE held on the 10 th of January 2017 for the delivery period of the third week of 2017. The ...

  9. European transmission system operators to constantly strengthen their cooperation in the management of the interconnected power system

    01-12-2017 News

    European transmission system operators – Amprion (Germany), Elia (Belgium), REE (Spain), RTE (France), Swissgrid (Switzerland), TenneT (Netherlands), Terna (Italy) and TransnetBW (Germany) – improve their cooperation with a view to optimising electricity ...

  10. RTE and Hydro-Québec step up their strategic cooperation

    11-28-2016 News

    Client Élu et collectivité locale Journaliste Élu Today, RTE and Hydro-Québec signed a protocol agreement on the acquisition of power transmission systems, on the sale of innovative tools and services, and on the sharing of know-how. Longstanding partners ...


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Thinking ahead to tomorrow's market

As part of the fight against global warming, the European Union has set itself ambitious targets for 2020.

Embody smart electricity: our R&D roadmap

RTE has set up an R&D roadmap for 2017-2020 to meet the major challenges faced by the French and European power system.

RTE: from past to present

From the date it was founded, RTE has been constantly developing a smart grid ...