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  1. RTE and Hydro-Québec step up their strategic cooperation

    11-28-2016 News

    Client Élu et collectivité locale Journaliste Élu Today, RTE and Hydro-Québec signed a protocol agreement on the acquisition of power transmission systems, on the sale of innovative tools and services, and on the sharing of know-how. Longstanding partners ...

  2. Assessment of electricity supply-demand balance: A winter of careful vigilance

    11-18-2016 News

    Journaliste Ensuring security of electricity supply during the 2016-2017 winter season is likely to be more challenging than in previous winter periods due to the unavailability of several power generators. However, developments in renewable energy, impor ...

  3. IFA2, as seen from across the other side of the Channel

    11-07-2016 News

    MAG RTE et Vous (in french) In order to build and operate IFA2, RTE and National Grid will set up a dedicated, jointly-owned subsidiary. Thanks to a unique operating framework, it will ensure full control over project progress, while sharing costs and ris ...

  4. Med-TSO, the mediterranean transmission system operators

    11-07-2016 News

    Med-TSO website Med-TSO is the Association of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity, operating the High Voltage Transmission Networks of 18 Mediterranean Countries, including France. It was established on 19 April 2012 in ...

  5. In order to accommodate the expansion of renewable energy sources, RTE is using helicopters to upgrade the main north-south power line serving the Nice-Côte d’Azur metropolis

    09-01-2016 News

    Today, RTE is starting refurbishment work on the 150 000-V line between Bancairon and Lingostière, the main north-south power line serving the Nice-Côte d’Azur metropolis. The purpose of this work is to expand the use of renewables to the north of the met ...

  6. A successful transition from the current to the future balancing market

    09-01-2016 News

    The development of an internal electricity market seeking to simplify power exchanges between countries at the lowest cost is one of the European Union’s chief political ambitions. In liaison with the French Energy Regulatory Commission, RTE is seeking to ...

  7. International experts from IENE (Infra Eco Network Europe) come to learn about RTE initiatives supporting biodiversity under the Allex power lines (Drôme, southern France)

    08-30-2016 News

    On the 20th anniversary of the IENE network (Infra Eco Network Europe)  and its fifth international conference, RTE and the CCVD (Val de Drôme municipal council) invited nearly fifty experts specialising in ecology and infrastructure (railways, motorways, ...

  8. RTE at CIGRE 2016: Talking to international professionals in the electricity sector

    08-25-2016 News

    Running until the 26th August 2016, the 46th CIGRE exhibition is hosting 8500 professionals from 90 countries including 3200 experts and managers from the international electricity sector. Among them are representatives of regulatory authorities, electric ...

  9. EDF–Caisse des Dépôts (Deposit and Consignment Office) and CNP Assurances: exclusive negotiations for a long-term partnership with RTE

    07-29-2016 News

    Presse EDF, Caisse de Dépôts and CNP Assurances are starting exclusive negotiations for the establishment of a long-term partnership seeking to boost the growth of the transmission system operator (RTE) EDF, Caisse des Dépôts and CNP Assurances have revea ...

  10. RTE and Eigrid sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the Ireland-France "Celtic Interconnector" project during President François Hollande’s visit to Ireland

    07-21-2016 News Développement du réseau

    Journaliste Développement du réseau During his visit to Ireland, President François Hollande and the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny took the billon-Euro France-Ireland "Celtic Interconnector" project another step forward. François Brottes, Chai ...


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