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  1. Power consumption expected to drop by 2021

    07-13-2016 News Consommation électrique

    Client Fournisseur Consommation électrique For the first time ever, the forecast drawn up by RTE in 2016 predicts an 8-TWh drop in France’s annual power consumption by 2021 (tantamount to the power used in Haute-Garonne), due to energy efficiency measures ...

  2. Financial Results 2015: A good operational performance in the service of the community and sound financial stability maintained

    03-31-2016 News Consommation électrique, Finances, L’Electricité en France, Marchés de l'électricité, Publication, Publications

    électrique Finances L’Electricité en France Marchés de l'électricité Publication Publications RTE’s 2015 ...

  3. An Open Data platform: access to innovating solutions

    03-14-2016 News Consommation électrique, Electricité: données et analyses

    Client Fournisseur Élu et collectivité locale Investisseur Journaliste Élu Riverain Consommation électrique Electricité: données et analyses If data is available to everyone, people can modify their consumption and become partners of the power system.  By ...

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Thinking ahead to tomorrow's market

As part of the fight against global warming, the European Union has set itself ambitious targets for 2020.

Embody smart electricity: our R&D roadmap

RTE has set up an R&D roadmap for 2017-2020 to meet the major challenges faced by the French and European power system.

RTE: from past to present

From the date it was founded, RTE has been constantly developing a smart grid ...