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Test neWen in January, the chatbot that will answer your energy-related questions and help you with your searches.

The teams behind neWen have interviewed customers, institutions, administrations and local authorities, as well as other energy stakeholders.

The people polled all said that they needed expertise and support in understanding and using data. They also said that there were numerous websites about energy, but that it is difficult to find the data they need for their activities on them.

To meet these needs, Rte and GRTgaz are giving you the opportunity to test a chatbot solution called neWen which will help you in your search for data.

You can use neWen to simplify your data experience and access various data sources. It will also provide you with expertise about the data.

neWen will answer your questions about processing and using data, and will recommend appropriate content based on your usage.

Our aim: We want this solution to become your essential companion for your searches on all energy-related websites.

Your questions, comments and views are all essential if this solution is to become useful to you.

Be among the first to try it out here (link on the Data portal)

Come and test it in January and save time with your next data searches!

To find out more (link on the showcase site)


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