RTE sets up base at Avignon airport, where it will be sharing its aeronautical expertise


Construction work on RTE’s future aeronautical base is starting at Avignon airport. Serving as a central location and seeking to develop RTE’s helicopter-aided business portfolio, this new hub will help to boost the success of the Pégase technopole and support the aeronautical ecosystem in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Avignon airport’s Pégase technopole has provided RTE with the perfect venue for developing and growing its helicopter-aided business portfolio which includes monitoring, maintenance and construction of high and ultra-high voltage lines in France. This aeronautical base will provide a single location for RTE’s helicopter-aided services and operations, as well as for its subsidiary Airtelis and their fleet of 11 Airbus helicopters. By choosing this evolutionary site, RTE will have access to a comprehensive range of aeronautical services.

Aeronautical base for helicopter-aided operations –
Pégase technopole... by Cardete Huet

For this construction project occupying 3 hectares of the technopole, RTE wanted a building that would meet high environmental quality standards (EQS). Outsourced to a consortium led by Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est, Cardete et Huet, TPFI ingénierie and EODD, LASA, the construction project comes at a cost of nearly 20 million Euros. Covering an area of 11.000 square metres, this sleekly designed building will provide a showcase for foreign visitors interested in RTE’s expertise.

RTE will occupy the Pégase technopole by the autumn of 2017. Thanks to this new venue, 80 direct jobs will be created in the region by RTE and its subsidiary. It will also boost the development of small and medium-sized aeronautical businesses forming the regional competitive cluster.

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