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  1. Power consumption expected to drop by 2021

    07-13-2016 News Consommation électrique

    Client Fournisseur Consommation électrique For the first time ever, the forecast drawn up by RTE in 2016 predicts an 8-TWh drop in France’s annual power consumption by 2021 (tantamount to the power used in Haute-Garonne), due to energy efficiency measures ...

  2. Construction of a new 63000-V underground power line: an RTE eco-project supporting the Alsatian economy

    07-12-2016 News

    Journaliste Presse In an effort to beef up environmental monitoring during construction work, RTE (the transmission system operator) has been piloting an eco-initiative during construction of the 63000-V power line connecting the Kembs and Waldighoffen su ...

  3. Troughs in electricity demand over the summer period of July and August 2016

    06-20-2016 News

    Journaliste Presse With stable demand levels forecast for the summer of 2016 compared with those of 2015, RTE’s predictive assessment of the consumption/generation balance for the summer of 2016 shows that France should not be short of electricity, even i ...

  4. RTE sets up base at Avignon airport, where it will be sharing its aeronautical expertise

    06-03-2016 News

    Journaliste Construction work on RTE’s future aeronautical base is starting at Avignon airport. Serving as a central location and seeking to develop RTE’s helicopter-aided business portfolio, this new hub will help to boost the success of the Pégase techn ...

  5. RTE inaugurates its SmartGrid showroom at Euratechnologies in Lille

    05-03-2016 News

    Journaliste On the 3rd of May 2016, RTE is opening its first SmartGrid showroom in Lille. It is being inaugurated by François Brottes, Chairman of the RTE Executive Board, in the presence of Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts de France region and Mar ...

  6. Financial Results 2015: A good operational performance in the service of the community and sound financial stability maintained

    03-31-2016 News Consommation électrique, Finances, L'Electricité en France, Marchés de l'électricité, Publication, Publications

    électrique Finances L'Electricité en France Marchés de l'électricité Publication Publications RTE’s ...

  7. Committing to our customers’ priorities

    03-30-2016 News

    Client Fournisseur Élu et collectivité locale Investisseur Candidat Journaliste Élu Riverain Agriculteur In 2016, RTE is reasserting its commitment to its customers’ needs and its provision of top-class services. At the end of 2015, we conducted an extens ...

  8. An Open Data platform: access to innovating solutions

    03-14-2016 News Consommation électrique, Electricité: données et analyses

    Client Fournisseur Élu et collectivité locale Investisseur Journaliste Élu Riverain Consommation électrique Electricité: données et analyses If data is available to everyone, people can modify their consumption and become partners of the power system.  By ...

  9. Preparing tomorrow's power system: after the public consultation, RTE published its Ten-Year Network Development Plan

    02-09-2016 News

    Élu et collectivité locale Investisseur Journaliste Élu After the public consultation at the end of 2015, RTE published the new edition of its Ten-Year Transmission Network Development Plan as well as its environmental assessment. To provide a sustainable ...

  10. Commission Perspectives du Réseau: dernière réunion sur le Bilan prévisionnel 2015 de RTE

    07-15-2015 News

    caractéristiques des productions renouvelables modifieront de plus en plus profondément le fonctionnement du ... planification d’autre part. RTE en a profité pour faire une démonstration concrète des performances obtenues par ... diffusées lors des réunions ou pour participer, envoyez-nous un courriel en cliquant ici. • Pour en savoir ...


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