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Données personnelles

Personal data management policy

RTE undertakes to ensure that the processing of all personal data on the website complies with General Regulations on Data Protection (RGPD) and with legislation on freedom of information.

Data protection policy

Each on-line service restricts the gathering of personal data to the absolute minimum (data minimisation) and provides information on:

  • Parties in charge of processing the data and purposes for gathering the data (purposes);
  • Legal basis for the processing of data;
  • Mandatory or optional nature of data gathering for the processing of your request and a reminder of processed data categories;
  • Sources of data (when data other than that provided via the on-line service is used to process your request);
  • Categories of people concerned;
  • Data recipients (only RTE in principle, with the exception of specific information if the data has to be passed on to a third party);
  • Data retention time;
  • Security measures (general description);
  • Possible existence of data transfers outside the European Union or automated decision-making;
  • Your freedom of information rights and how to exercise them with RTE.


Exercising your rights

Personal data collected for the purpose of services provided on the website are processed in accordance with secure protocols and enable RTE to process requests received in its IT applications.
In order to obtain information or exercise your freedom-of-information rights regarding the processing of personal data used by RTE, contact the RTE data-protection officer (DPO):


E-mail : Contact 

or via mail at the following address:

To the attention of the Data Privacy Officer (DPO)
Immeuble Window
7C place du Dôme
92073 Paris La Défense CEDEX


About cookies

We use various cookies in order to improve the interactivity of our website and our services.

What is a "cookie"?

A "cookie" is a small string of information identified by a name, which can be sent to your browser by a website to which you log on. Your web browser will keep it for a certain amount of time and will send it back to the web server each time you log on. Cookies have numerous purposes: they can be used to remember your customer ID on an e-commerce website, your shopping basket preferences, an identifier used to track your browsing activities for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.
3 types of cookies are used on our website


First-party cookies required to run the website

These cookies are used to run the website as effectively as possible. You may reject them and delete them by using your browser’s settings. However, this could adversely affect the quality of the user’s web experience.


Cookie namePurposeDuration period
cookie-agreedIndicates whether the user has filled out the cookie acceptance form.100 days
cookie-agreed-categoriesIndicates which cookies the user has accepted.100 days
Cookie used to record the user session during a visit. With every new visit a new and random number is generated.
Does not expire, refreshed each login.


Audience measurement cookies - Matomo

In order to tailor the website to the demands of its visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the activity of website visitors and their return frequency.

Matomo, one of the statistical tools used by this website, generates the following cookies:

Cookie namePurposeDuration period
MATOMO_SESSIDUsed for the anonymous tracking of the website’s audience (the IP is made anonymous and cannot be identified by RTE).15 days
_pk_ses#Shows an active visitor’s session. If a cookie is not present, it means that a visitor’s session was more than 30 minutes ago, and a visit count is increased in a pk_id cookie.30 minutes
_pk_id#Used to recognize visitors and hold their various properties.13 months


We also collect your IP address in order to determine the city from which you have logged on. This address is immediately made anonymous after use. RTE consequently has no means of using this information to identify a physical person.

All website visitors ( are not required to consent to the use of Matomo because settings ensure that users remain completely anonymous as recommended by the CNIL (France’s freedom-of-information authority).

RTE keeps collected personal data (cookie ID) for a period of 13 months. This data is not passed on to third parties or used for other purposes.
You may reject these cookies and the statistical analysis of your browsing data.


Third-party cookies used for improving website interactivity

The website relies on certain services offered by third-party websites. These include:

Cookie Name - servicePurposeDuration period




To obtain a detailed description of the purposes associated with the cookies listed opposite, please go to the dedicated page.Session

6 months

2 years

6 months



These functionalities use third-party cookies directly placed on our device by these services. When you first visit the website, a banner informs you about these cookies and asks you to select a preference. They are only placed on your device if you accept them. You can obtain information and configure your cookie settings to accept or reject them at any time by going to the "cookie management" page located at the bottom of the website pages. You can indicate your preferences either for the whole website or service by service.