Clotilde Levillain, Member of the Managing Board, Managing Director of the Customers · Market & System Division

Clotilde Levillain has been appointed as a member of the Managing Board, effective from 2 November, in the capacity of Managing Director of the Customers · Market & System Division.
Clotilde Levillain - Directoire RTE
Clotilde Levillain, Managing Director of the Customers · Market & System Division

Her remit is to design and implement innovative tools and services required to run the electricity grids of the future, and to implement and operate a safe and efficient electricity system for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Clotilde Levillain is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique and holds a PhD in solid physics from the Université Paris Sud, her career began in 1991 in EDF’s R&D Division.

When RTE was created in 2000, she was appointed senior advisor for the Projected Supply Estimate, where she oversaw the development of the first Projected Supply Estimate published by RTE. From 2001 to 2003, she was Chief of Staff for the Chairman of the RTE Executive Board.

From 2003 to 2011, she went on to hold senior management functions within the French national operating system (CNES), which supervises in real-time the generation-consumption balance in continental France, implements services for access to the electricity market, as well as to electricity transmission in France and related interconnections. During this period, she also conducted projects and activities with a European reach, particularly related to the organisation of electricity markets, through consultation with stakeholders in this sector.

From 2012 to 2015, she was Customer-Markets Director, and in this capacity she was responsible for commercial relations with RTE customers, as well as for setting out the contractual framework for connections, access to the electricity transmission grid (on- and off-shore) and market access rules.

Since 2015, she has been a member of the RTE Executive Board, Deputy Executive Director, responsible for operating the electricity system, developing the grid and designing access services to the public transmission grid.