Thérèse Boussard, Member of the Managing Board, Managing Director of the Infrastructure Management Division

Thérèse Boussard has been appointed as a member of the Executive Board, effective from 2 November, in the capacity of Managing Director of the Infrastructure Management Division.
Thérèse Boussard - Directoire RTE
Thérèse Boussard, Managing Director of the Infrastructure Management Division


Her remit is to strengthen the performance of the French transmission grid operator’s infrastructure throughout its entire service life cycle and to drive forward its modernization and optimized development.

Thérèse Boussard forged a large part of her career at the SNCF (French rail service). Her career path has been marked by a flare for project management and industrialisation, evidenced through varied experiences in the technical, engineering and management fields.

A graduate from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité, where she attained a master’s degree in instrumentation and metrology, she began her career at General Electric Medical Systems, where she held different functions over a ten-year period: Study Lead for electronic equipment in radiological systems, Project Lead for stock management software rollout in several European countries, Manager of a repair workshop and Design Lead for X-Ray equipment.

She joined SNCF in 1999 where she took up office managing a group of technical signalling experts. She then went on to manage the Maintenance and Works Branch for the Paris-West area. This operational experience paved the way for her to act as Project Owner for large-scope projects. In 2008, she was appointed Head of the Network Signalling and Centralized Control Department of the French rail network.

In 2013, she took over the management of the Nantes-Chateaubriand tram-train operations until the service was commissioned in February 2014, before becoming Operational Manager of the external engineering reach-out structure.

In March 2016, she joined the SNCF Network General Operations Department, where she was responsible for a production zone supporting operations, maintenance and works on the national rail network, the scope of which covered a quarter of France and some 10,000 employees.