Thomas Veyrenc, Managing Director of the Finance, Purchasing and Risks Division

On 1 October 2023, Thomas Veyrenc will become a Member of the RTE Managing Board, as the Managing Director of the Finance, Purchasing and Risks Division, alongside his current duties as Executive Director in charge of the Strategy, Foresight and Evaluation Division.
Thomas Veyrence, membre du Directoire - Pôle Finances, Achats et Risques
Thomas Veyrenc, Directeur Général du Pôle Finances Achats et Risques


Thomas Veyrenc joined RTE in 2006 and held various posts in the areas of research, markets, and regulation. Since 2018, he has been responsible for future energy outlook and industrial strategy studies, and led the production of the 2019 edition of the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (SDDR). He has been a member of RTE’s Executive Committee since 2020. Among other things, he oversaw the delivery of Energy Pathways to 2050 and the latest Mid-Term Adequacy Report published in 2023.  

He holds an engineering degree from Centrale-Supélec, and degrees from University College London and the Paris Institut d’Etudes Politiques.