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Diversify our activities and develop our know-how


Development of know-how within RTE on the international scene

Improve the maintenance of the electrical infrastructures, carry out induction of the legislative reform, develop a smarter grid, etc. All the participants in the electrical grids throughout the world are faced with complex issues which need to be resolved. RTE International provides the expertise of engineers and high level technicians from the specialised RTE departments. They propose training, seminars concerning the latest innovations and technical support missions and guidance. It should be pointed out that safe operation is an ever growing concern for the various customers, ranging from Norway to China.

Since its foundation, RTE International has operated in more than 30 countries. It has successfully implemented more than 100 projects deploying over 250 experts. RTE International is also involved in the cooperation agreements that RTE has signed with its counterparts in around 15 countries. Within this framework, RTE welcomes numerous foreign representations.



Development of digital systems with the electrical grids

Arteria proposes optical fibre links which are supported by the electrical grid in metropolitan France and in the overseas territories. With its high points offer, it also proposes to host the telecom operator aerials on RTE pylons.

This initiative enables economic solutions to be offered with prompt application to contribute to the distribution of digital systems. Arteria recorded turnover of M€8.80 in 2013, an increase of 8% in one year.


Helicopter works on the main infrastructures

How do you transport 70 pylons from an old electrical line in the east of France to the steel recycling sectors? By transporting them using two Super Puma helicopters, with lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes, provided by Airtelis for its customers to carry out works on the high and extra-high voltage electricity systems. They are also completely tailored to emergency missions in places that are difficult to access, in order to reinstate power supply for remote villages. Airtelis also inspects the lines by helicopter and carries out lifting operations by light helicopter and works in cradles on the electrical grids, both live and dead.


Setting up of a new electrical interconnection between France and Spain

Inelfe (electrical interconnection between France and Spain) is a joint company equally owned by RTE and its Spanish counterpart, Red Eléctrica de España. Set up in 2008, its purpose is to build the new electrical interconnection link completely underground between the two countries. Commissioning is planned for 2015. A global leader of technology.


Development of RTE property and administrative assets

Property and administrative assets may no longer be required for its public service activity. RTE Immo was set up in 2013 to develop and become the property structure. RTE Immo also provides real estate services on the behalf of RTE.


Increased customer satisfaction with our high quality services

Set up in September 2014 within the framework of the Law of 9 August 2004 and the third European directive, CIRTEUS proposes and develops design and guidance services within the competitive framework based on RTE’s specialist knowledge, skills and know-how. These services come under the fields of maintenance, operation and development of high and extra-high voltage equipment (HTB) and related instrumentation and control systems. Training services provided in these areas and also in electricity market operation supplement the range of offers proposed.

We also hold direct or indirect stakes in the capital of the different companies participating in the construction of the European electricity market:

  • EPEX SPOT is a 50% subsidiary of Powernext SA, in which RTE owns most of the capital. It operates on the regulated markets in the European energy sector.
  • Casc.EU auctions off the cross-border electricity trade capacities in Europe.
  • RTE and REE, its Spanish counterpart, have set up a joint company to build the cross-Pyrenees direct current interconnection.

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