Independence and transparency

As a limited company with a Management Boardand a Supervisory Board, RTE's autonomy, administrative independence and neutrality are enshrined in its governance procedures.

Management Board

The Management Board is made up of 5 members, appointed for a period of 5 years.

The Management Board has sole responsibility for matters relating directly to the operation, maintenance and development of the public electricity transmission system, as part of the company's officially appointed missions.

  • François BROTTES, Chairman of the RTE Management Board since September 2015

A Father of three children, and son of an EDF employee, François Brottes is 59-year-old. Energy expert, he was previously president of the Commission of the economic affairs of the French National Assembly.

He was president of the special Committee for the examination of the law on "energy transition" for green growth at the National Assembly. François Brottes contributed to the elaboration of the energy law to prepare the transition towards a sober energy system (in April 16th, 2013). In the end of August, 2015, he submitted a report on security of power supply in France and in Europe to the Prime Minister.

MP of the 5th district of Isère from 1997 till 2015, François Brottes was previously mayor of Crolles (Isère) from 2005 till 2014, a regional councillor of region Rhône-Alpes from 1992 till 1998, CEO of a small business from 1986 till 1997 and journalist at the beginning of his professional career (Radio-France and FR3).


Members of the board since 29 september 2015 :

  • Mrs Valérie CHAMPAGNE
  • M. Olivier GRABETTE
  • Mrs Clotilde LEVILLAIN
  • M. Xavier PIECHACZYK 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee deals with all company records requiring control or decision-making stages of orientation, commitment, implementation and monitoring. Led by the Chairman of the Management Governing Board, the Executive Committee comprises the heads of the key business areas.

  • Martine Bernard
  • Valérie Champagne
  • David Gaudillère
  • Olivier Grabette
  • Hervé Laffaye
  • Clotilde Levillain
  • Sophie Moreau-Follenfant
  • Xavier Piechaczyk
  • Bertrand Signé

Supervisory Board

It comprises 2 State representatives appointed by RTE’s General Meeting on a proposal from the State, 6 shareholder representatives appointed by RTE’s General Meeting and 4 representatives elected by employees.

State representatives, appointed by RTE’s General Meeting :

  • The State, legal person, represented by Delphine ISSAC
  • Marie-Anne BACOT, replacement in progress

Shareholder representatives appointed by RTE’s General Meeting

  • Xavier GIRRE (President of the Supervisory Board)
  • Christophe CARVAL
  • Virginie CHAPRON-DU JEU
  • Marie-Hélène POINSSOT
  • Catherine MAYENOBE
  • Nicolas MONNIER

Representatives elected by employees

  • Christophe AIME
  • Wilfried DENOIZAY
  • Thierry ZEHNDER

Government Commissioner

  • Ghislain FERRAN

General economic and financial control (CGefi)

  • Bruno ROSSI

Secretary of the Supervisory Board


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