Stock exchange data

'Spot' prices are prices which are established by the stock exchange for the electricity the evening before for the next day. Spot prices in Europe reflect both needs for exchanges expressed by the market and the available capacities of interconnections. Prices on EPEX spot hub in France are displayed on EPEX Spot website.

When the limit of interconnection is not reached, the price gap between countries is zero. On the other hand, when the interconnection capacities are insufficient, a price difference is created between the wholesale markets.
The data retrieved by the éCO2mix app illustrates the importance of an interconnected European network, particularly by presenting the prices of the wholesale electricity market. These come from the various relevant stock exchanges, through the ENTSO-E transparency platform.

*NB: Italy has a number of price zones; only the northern one (connected with France) is listed in the éCO2mix app.


The interconnected European network

The European electricity transport network allows the routing of the electricity flow across Europe. The network is necessary in order to ensure security of supply, the creation of a European electricity market, and the integration of renewable energy sources into this market. It links 34 countries, allowing the exchange of electricity across the continent.

The interconnections also enable the pooling of means of production, whilst also making good use of energy synergies across Europe. In fact, solar energy is most prominent in southern Europe, offshore wind power in the north, and hydropower in Scandinavia and in the Alps, which can irrigate all European countries.

The interconnections of the European electricity market allow an electricity supplier to sell their energy to a customer in another European country. It thus physically supports the functioning of the markets, optimizing production facilities (both conventional and renewable ones) on a European scale.

In France, the interconnections consist of 48 lines across 6 borders.

Transparency in Europe: the ENTSO-E transparency platform

At the beginning of 2015, through the association of Entso-E transport operators, RTE and its European TSO counterparts put in place a platform for the transparency of data, the “ENTSO-E Transparency Platform”. This platform, common to all 28 countries in the EU, aims to make the essential European market data available to all market participants.

These new publications, pursuant to the European “transparency” legislation2014-543, throw light on a new stage of European integration in the electricity market.


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