Cross-border Electricity Trading

View the balance of commercial electricity exchange programmes between France and the six other countries with which it is interconnected: England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. It is possible to simultaneously display data for one day up to 8 weeks.

Data analysis tools

The data published show the balances of commercial electricity exchange programmes on the six borders on which France has interconnectors: England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

Every day, RTE draws up electricity exchange programmes for the following day for each of these six borders. These day-ahead exchange programmes are then updated hourly on the day itself, to take account of any intraday nominations made by market participants and any bids activated* on the balancing mechanism by RTE.

*NB: data on activations are not currently available for England.

Difference between "commercial exchanges" and "physical flows"

What are referred to as "imports/exports" on this éCO2mix page are actually commercial agreements between France and the six countries with which it shares interconnectors: these figures are not to be confused with the physical electricity flows that actually transit via the interconnector lines.
For example, the electricity flow associated with a commercial exchange programme between France and Germany will be distributed across multiple borders, depending on the electrotechnical characteristics of the power network and its operating rules.

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